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This summer series will feature advanced-level workshops, a seminar series, a post-graduation essentials series, graduate working groups, and graduate forums. The main audience of the offerings during the summer series will be graduate students, but a few offerings will also target recently graduated geographers in- or outside of academia, and a few undergraduate students. Registrations for the program will open sometime in April 2022 and will be open to AAG members only. If you would like to be notified when registrations open, you can subscribe to our mailing list. Seats will be limited in workshops and working groups, so join the list today! 


Between December 2021 and February 2022, we were relying on several committees to help us select and identify workshop instructors, leaders, and speakers for the summer series.  

The Selection Committee for Graduate-Led Working Groups is composed of faculty and graduate students: Dr. Brittany D. Jones (Chair, University of Toledo), Dr. Vanessa A. Massaro (Member, Bucknell University), Brittany Lauren Wheeler (Graduate Student Member, Clark University, Mount Holyoke College), Mark Ortiz (Graduate Student Member, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and Ivy Faye Monroe (Graduate Student Member, University of Kentucky). 

This selection committee selected 6 out of 13 proposals from graduate students to co-lead a virtual working group designed for their peers (other graduate students pursuing a Masters or PhD) in Geography programs around the world.  

The Selection Committee on Research Practices and Research Design is composed of faculty at all levels and a graduate student: Dr. Adriana E. Martinez (Chair, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Dr. Julie Cidell (Member, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Dr. Dydia DeLyser (Member, California State University, Fullerton), Dr. Aparna Parikh (Member, Pennsylvania State University), and Melody Lynch (Graduate Student Member, McGill University).   

The Selection Committee on Best Practices and Advances in Data Visualization is composed of faculty at all levels and a graduate student: Dr. Vanessa Wijngaarden (Chair, University of Johannesburg), Dr. Sara Irina Fabrikant (Member, University of Zurich, Switzerland), Dr. Mia Bennett (Member, University of Washington), Dr. Yolanda C. Lin (Member, University of New Mexico), and Oforiwaa Pee Agyei-Boakye (Graduate Student Member, University of Minnesota Twins Cities and Gonigs Inc.). 

The Selection Committee on Best Practices and Advances in Data Analysis is composed of faculty at all levels and a graduate student: Dr. Jessica Morgan (Chair, University of Rhode Island), Dr. Michael Richard Desjardins (Member, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health), Dr. Will B. Payne (Member, Rutgers University), Dr. Ayodeji Iyanda (Member, Prairie View A&M University), and Joseph Aro (Graduate Student Member, University of Lagos, Observatory Earth Analytics). 

These 3 selection committees above selected 16 out of 23 proposals from geography instructors to lead or co-lead a virtual workshop designed for graduate students to demonstrate a novel approach or best practices associated with an advanced-level method in geography.  

The Organizing Committee for a Geography Essentials Workshop Series is composed of early- to advanced- career faculty and professionals, and one graduate student: Dr. Jeremy Tasch (Chair, Towson University), Jami Dennis (Member, Geodetic Analysis, LLC), Lauren Childs-Gleason (Member, NASA Langley Research Center), Dr. Matlhogonolo Kelepile (Member, University of Botswana), Wendy L. Zeller Zigaitis (Graduate Student Member, Pennsylvania State University).   

The Organizing Committee for a Graduate-Level Seminar Series is composed of early- to advanced- career faculty: Dr. Sara Beth Keough (Chair, Saginaw Valley State University), Dr. Marcello Graziano (Member, Southern Connecticut State University), Dr. Ivan Mitin (Member, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia), Dr. Jennifer Mason (Member, University of Arizona), Dr. Vincent M. Artman (Member, Wayne State University).   

The Organizing Committee for (Graduate Student Affinity Group) GSAG-Led Forums is composed of two graduate students and officers of GSAG: Rachel Arney (Co-chair, University of Georgia), Lin Yue (Co-chair, The Ohio State University). 

The 3 organizing committees above identified 23 topics relevant to their scope and invited members of the community who can contribute to the series and confirm those that are willing and available to contribute at this time. 


This program is supported by AAG program staff, Julaiti Nilupaer and Coline Dony, and overseen by the program chair, Lindsay Naylor (University of Delaware). You can reach them with any questions at research-during-covid@aag.org.